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Varna, Berlin, Netanya, Amsterdam – four locations in which colleagues from very different nations share a common vision. Get to know our headquarters in Varna, our creative hotspot in Berlin, our fast-paced office in Netanya and our newly-established hub in Amsterdam.

A view from above of the city of Varna.

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Varna, Bulgaria

Working and living in Varna can be really rewarding. You can lay on the beach or enjoy the sea while sitting at one of the city’s many cosy cafes. The city offers a wealth of sporting opportunities, cultural events and parties filled with warm and friendly people.

Our Bulgarian offices are located in the center of Varna – the so-called ‘sea capital’ of the country – just 5 minutes away from the Black Sea. Nearby, you can find many diverse restaurants, cafés and shops, as well as the iconic Varna Sea Garden.

Druzki St. 17, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Work and the beach – you can have both at our offices in Varna

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The city of Berlin viewed from above.

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Berlin, Germany

Our office is bursting with diversity. Over 70 employees, from more than 18 different countries, enjoy the exciting vibe of a capital that stands for culture, variety and acceptance. We work hard to support our employees on various levels. See what makes Berlin special!

Glogauer Straße 2, 10999 Berlin

Diversity and creativity – you can experience both at our Berlin office.

An icon symbolizing the city of Berlin.
The city of Netanya viewed from above.

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Netanya, Israel

Our Israeli office is located in Netanya, close to Tel Aviv. It is our company’s smallest office but sits close to the beach and amazing surf spots. If you’re in good shape, you can be out in the water in less than 15 minutes. Due to the office’s proximity to our partners, its office language is sales.

Netanya is our smallest office. Here our sales experts take care of the strategic planning and execution of all sales activities while looking after our partners.

The Merkaz Halr district – the pulsating heart of Tel Aviv – can be reached by public transport in no time. The bus is only a few metres from our office.

Giborey Israel St. 12, 4250412 Netanya

Sales and surf – you can have both at our office in Netanya

An icon symbolizing the city of Netanya.
The city of Amsterdam.

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Our newest office, located among the stunning canals of the Dutch capital, offers employees the opportunity to build their own schedule. We believe in flexibility, and our team can enjoy the advantages of remote and home office positions across all departments. As the latest addition to our expanding network, we welcome you to apply to our Amsterdam office.

Work hard, chill hard – the perfect mix in Amsterdam

An icon symbolizing the city of Amsterdam.