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Varna, Berlin and Netanya: Three locations in which colleagues from very different nations share a common vision. Get to know our headquarters in Varna, our creative hotspot in Berlin and our fascinating office in Netanya.

A view from above of the city of Varna.

Varna, Bulgaria

Working and living in Varna can be really rewarding. You can lay on the beach or enjoy the sea while sitting at one of the many cosy cafes. The city offers a wealth of sporting opportunities, cultural events and parties filled with warm and friendly people.

Druzki St. 16, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Work and the beach – you can have both at our offices in Varna

An icon symbolizing the city of Varna.

Varna at a Glance

Top locations near the sea

Our Bulgarian offices are located in the center of Varna – the so-called 'sea capital' of the country – just 5 minutes away from the Black Sea. Nearby, you can find many diverse restaurants, cafés and shops, as well as the iconic Varna Sea Garden.

Flexible working hours

Are you an early bird or a night owl? With us, you can choose to start and end your working day as it best fits your own natural rhythm. We focus on your motivation and the results of your work rather than on the number of hours you spend at your desk.

An awesome team

What truly makes our office in Varna special are the people. We have a fantastic team of young professionals with unique and invaluable skillsets who are always excited to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Healthy mind and body

We take good care of our employees' well-being and comfort, providing them with a pleasant and non-stressful work environment, supplemental medical and dental coverage, as well as a free sports card for a network of facilities around the city.

Work hard, play hard!

We are hard workers with unlimited energy and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. But we also know how to have fun! Every year, we have at least 5 official team events, including a Casino Night and a LAN Party, and many other get-togethers organized by the team.

Invaluable know-how

To be successful, we must adhere to the best technical practices while being creative and innovative. That allows us to stay ahead of the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of the industry. And we share this know-how with you!

The city of Berlin viewed from above.

Berlin, Germany

Our office is bursting with diversity. Over 60 employees, from more than 18 different countries, enjoy the exciting vibe of a capital that stands for culture, variety and acceptance. We work hard to support our employees on various levels. See what makes Berlin special!

Tempelhofer Damm 118, 12099 Berlin

Diversity and creativity – you can experience both at our Berlin office.

An icon symbolizing the city of Berlin.

Berlin at a Glance

We promote learning!

We encourage developmental growth through knowledge transfer, a communal library, conferences, coaching sessions and more. Employees have access to numerous resources covering a wide range of topics like coding and marketing etc.

Healthy from inside out

We ensure our employees are healthy by providing a healthy work environment, gym memberships, a pension plan and more. We also participate in company runs and donate the revenue to various charity projects.


In our Berlin office, you'll find ping pong, darts, billiards and table football. We also host regular team events, BBQs and after-work beer. These activities provide great ways for employees to get to know other team members or to relax.


We believe it is necessary to provide employees with any support they need. We help workers adjust to life in Berlin and at the company by providing visa assistance, language courses, an onboarding buddy and even allow our employees to bring their dogs to work.


One of the greatest aspects of working in Berlin is the flexible professional environment. Our employees can take advantage of flexible working hours, individual maternity protection, sabbatical and increasing vacation days.


In Berlin, employees receive constructive feedback and engage in regular developmental discussions. These give our workers a platform to share thoughts and shape the direction of our company.

The city of Netanya viewed from above.

Netanya, Israel

Our Israeli office is located in Netanya, close to Tel Aviv. It is our company’s smallest office but sits close to the beach and amazing surf spots. If you’re in good shape, you can be out in the water in less than 15 minutes. Due to the office’s proximity to our partners, its office language is sales.

Giborey Israel St. 12, 4250412 Netanya

Sales and surf – you can have both at our office in Netanya

An icon symbolizing the city of Netanya.

Netanya at a Glance

Focus sales

Netanya is our smallest office. Here our sales experts take care of the strategic planning and execution of all sales activities while looking after our partners.

Experienced team

We're a small team. But added up, we've got over 20 years of concentrated sales performance. We have experience and knowledge that we share and that every single colleague can use to grow.

Relaxed atmosphere

We like going to the beach, surfing the high waves or playing ping pong in the office. All in a relaxed atmosphere that let us focus for our daily work. The day often ends with an evening drink by the sea.

Perfect transportation

The Merkaz Halr district – the pulsating heart of Tel Aviv – can be reached by public transport in no time. The bus is only a few metres from our office.

Travel around the world

Join us for travels around the world to represent iGaming.com at various conventions and exhibitions. Some are stressful, some are laid back, all are good fun.

Unbeatable location

Like the sea and the beach? Then you'll love Netanya. We're just a stone’s throw from the sea. Do you fancy a swim during your lunch break? Enjoy one anytime you like!

Next Office Locations

In our search for new talents and the need to be present in emerging markets, we are expanding our business into more cities and countries.
You’ll find us in the following places soon.

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