Are you interested in staying at the forefront of relevant trends in marketing and online gambling? We offer true career perspectives for anyone who is willing to commit hard work and passion, and to those who want to make a real impact on our products.


We are constantly searching for motivated people to fill a variety of exciting positions. Take a look to find the one matches your interest or submit an unsolicited application.

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    Employees working at a desk.
    An interview in process.

    Application Process

    Excitement, nervousness and maybe even fear – we all know the whirlwind of emotions one can have before and during an interview. We don’t want that for our applicants. Our goal is to bring the best out of you during the interviews and tests. Therefore, we’ve compiled important information that you can use for the application process at

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    An employee working focused on a computer.

    Working Culture

    We are an international group of diverse people, each of us brings unique skillsets, experiences and backgrounds to the company. What makes us a team is a shared work culture, in which our unique traits complement one another to help us achieve our unified goals. Only through collaboration and a shared vision can we be successful.

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    A view over the city of Berlin.

    Portrait Offices

    Our offices are located in the exciting cities of Varna, Berlin and Netanya. With different focus points, every location has unique characteristics that make the daily work enjoyable. And we're expanding further.

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    Curious about how things are here? Get more impressions of our office life from the gallery below.

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    Employees discussing at a desk.
    The office dog, Chip.
    Two employees talking at the coffee machine.
    Employees working at a rooftop balcony.
    Employees playing Playstation.
    A coder at work on the domain
    An employee talking on the phone on a balcony.
    Four employees looking at an iGaming product on a smartphone.
    A desk fan on a desk.