About Us

We are iGaming.com, a group of experts with vast knowledge and experience in the sector. Born out of a love for all things iGaming and a desire to take the industry to the next level, we have grown since the opening of our first office in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2011, to offices in Berlin (2015) and Tel Aviv (2016), and over 300 employees, with a network of several thousand websites.

A Short History of the Company

Since our early days in 2011, we wanted to treat our users to fair and honest advice. We entered the market at a time when few others were creating high-quality comparison websites, such as the ones we offer today. So, increasing transparency to better satisfy our users’ expectations was our driving force from the very beginning.

Through our niche knowledge, we were able to accurately and objectively rate, review and compare leading industry service providers (“operators”). By doing this consequently and with a high level of dedication, website users started gaining something they did not have before – trust. But our approach also turned out to be beneficial for the operators. By bringing more detailed information and data to our users, we have been able to generate more high-quality traffic for the operators. It really is a win-win!

Our ambition is to further professionalize lead generation in our market segments. We want to achieve this by constantly improving the quality of our digital services, as well as by actively promoting compliance with legal standards and the regulatory environment.

Our main markets currently are Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy. We have a strong, growing presence in Denmark, Romania and many other European countries. Alongside these markets, we have begun the process of expanding our reach into an additional 20 countries and counting. As we continue to grow, our goal is to provide our users with the best possible information.

Our Business Model and Services

We specialize in lead generation and affiliate marketing. Our goal is to connect Internet users to the websites and mobile apps of our business partners and clients (“operators”). To achieve this, we create, acquire, and operate informative websites which review the services provided by our clients. Our websites’ readers can choose, based on the information provided, which of our operators’ websites they wish to visit and further decide if they care to avail from the services offered there. Our high-quality content ensures higher click rates, longer user presence on the sites and, most importantly, a sense of trust.

If a reader signs up for any of the services they have read about on our websites, a commission is paid to us by the respective business to which we referred the customer. The majority of our readers arrive at our websites through Google search, so constantly reviewing and optimizing our domains through SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure they achieve excellent rankings in Google and other search engines is an essential part of our daily business. We do this by using high-tech and state-of-the-art tools and techniques as well as frequently optimizing our websites’ content and design. Through our research, data and knowledge we help our users with easier, transparent and secure website navigation.

Our Beliefs & Values

We strongly believe in challenging ourselves constantly. The industry is competitive and fast moving. Innovation is a must! Only by frequently testing, adapting and optimizing our work, and by best understanding and focussing on our costumers‘ needs, can we succeed. Whilst never losing track of our mission or steering away from our core values, we seek the best solution in everything we do. Our talented and dedicated team ensures our quick response to new business opportunities.


Compliance with market regulators is always at the forefront of what we do. We are cognizant and respectful of the laws in each of our target markets, and are committed to doing our due diligence in the name of legality and player protection. This involves, but is not limited to, being transparent with regulatory bodies across all target regions, staying abreast of new legislation globally, and ensuring that our domains are only ever affiliated with industry-approved operators.

With the adoption of more and more regulations in the industry there has been an increase in the compliance efforts of both operators and affiliate organizations in the industry. The Compliance process could include anything from a simple design change to a very complex content update. The main goal of this process is the protection of the players. We recognize the importance of this goal and we even go as far as proactively reviewing all our domains when a new law or regulation enters into force for one on the markets that we operate on. We also work very closely with our operators in order to ensure that their information on our domains is up-to-date.

Since transparency is one of our intrinsic company values, we apply it not only to our relationship with our operators, but also towards the readers of our websites.

Each of our sites contains clear and detailed guidelines on how to identify trustworthy operators, as well as detailed information on what is permitted by law in the reader’s own region.

We hold our partners to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves. Before we choose to partner with any operator, we put them through their paces to determine if they meet the specialised needs of our users. That means that users can be sure that any of the operators we partner with are safe, trustworthy, and offer a high-quality user experience.

Andreas Ditsche


Andreas Ditsche is the CEO of iGaming Group. He started his professional career with a Big 4 auditing firm. Then he served as CFO and CEO of multinational companies, mainly in the fields of automotive/aerospace and power tools. Andreas has lived and worked in the USA and was Managing Director of companies in Germany, Italy, France and the UK. He also served as non-executive director and member of supervisory boards. He is an experienced expert in change management and international business. Andreas holds a professorship for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Lutz Bornschein

Lutz Bornschein is the founder of iGaming.com. He is the creative head of the company and has been an integral part of the online gambling industry since 2011.