About Us

We are iGaming.com, a group of experts with vast knowledge and experience in the sector. Born out of a love for all things iGaming and a desire to take the industry to the next level, we have grown since the opening of our first office in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2011, to offices in Berlin (2015) and Tel Aviv (2016), and over 200 employees, with a network of over 5000 websites.

A Short History of the Company

Even today, online gaming still has a somewhat bad reputation. When we started, things were worse than they are today. Users were not treated to fair and honest advice, and operators were often quick to take advantage. High-quality comparison sites, such as the ones we offer today, were rare. And that’s where we knew we could help.

Through our niche knowledge, we were able to accurately and objectively rate, review and compare leading industry operators. This brought something to the users that they didn’t have before – trust. But our approach is also beneficial for operators. By bringing much more detailed information and data to our users, we were able to generate more high-quality traffic to operators. It really is a win-win!

Growth has always been key. Revenue has always been reinvested to inspire more growth, such as through buying the website portfolios of other companies. That has allowed us to grow exponentially since 2011. We now have three offices in three different countries and are always welcoming new team members. In 2017, iGaming.com was born, as we consolidated our brands under one parent company.

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What Are Our Beliefs and Values?

We believe strongly in challenging ourselves repeatedly. The industry is competitive and fast moving. Only by constantly testing, adapting and optimising our work – and our understanding and focus on the needs of our users - can we achieve success, whilst never losing track of our mission or steer away from our core values.

We want to shape the future of the market before the market shapes us. iGaming might not have the best reputation, but we are doing all we can to change that. That’s why we take a data and performance driven approach, whilst also being honest, transparent and objective. It is these values that we want to instil into the world of iGaming.


Through reliable information and honest transparent communication, we can achieve both security and safety for our users and partners. Our mantra is: maximum openness in all matters. Trust is the cornerstone of our corporate values. Thus, it is our top priority to continuously build trust within the industry.

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We want more than just good. We want the best possible. Quality is king. It determines our way of working and thinking. Only those who constantly innovate and deliver quality can hope to survive in a competitive market. We’ve been here since 2011.

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For us, reliability is multi-faceted. We have an obligation to our users, partners and employees. That’s why we find ways to ensure that we provide suitable information, offer fair deals to our partners, and create a healthy and rewarding work environment for our employees.

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In a fast paced and highly competitive environment, we look for solutions and products that allow for both growth and longevity. Key factors are honest work ethics, a user centered design, and scalable technology. This isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

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User needs, product developments and compliance requirements change rapidly. If you don’t adapt fast, you’ll fall behind. Our horizontal hierarchy and agile working methods are an advantage, because they allow us to be dynamic and flexible. We welcome change.

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Where Do We
Want to Go?

Our vision, which we have held since the very beginning, is to create a safe yet entertaining 360-degree user experience for all online players.

To become a vertically integrated entertainment company, that is our mission. That means connecting all products throughout the entire user journey, contributing our values, passion and skills each step of the way.

To complete that mission, we are working on the development of two exquisite domains: wetten.de & casino.de. By owning these kind of domains we are able to build brands which can enable the vision of iGaming.com.

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Lutz Bornschein

Lutz Bornschein is the founder of iGaming.com. He is the creative head of the company and has been an integral part of the online gambling industry since 2011.

Andreas Ditsche

Andreas Ditsche is the CEO of iGaming Group. He started his professional career with a Big 4 auditing firm. Then he served as CFO and CEO of multinational companies, mainly in the fields of automotive/aerospace and power tools. Andreas has lived and worked in the USA and was Managing Director of companies in Germany, Italy, France and the UK. He also served as non-executive director and member of supervisory boards. He is an experienced expert in change management and international business. Andreas holds a professorship for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Jörg Methfessel, Co-Founder.


Jörg Methfessel

Jörg has specialised in content creation since 2011 and has been with iGaming.com since its opening in Bulgaria. He ensures that all content meets our quality standards.

Peter Bornschein, Co-Founder & Advisor.

Co-Founder & Advisor

Peter Bornschein

Peter joined the company 2014. After getting to know all the different angles of the company, he opened and led the office in Berlin. Next to his managing role, he was responsible for collecting, storing and analysing business data to make qualified results accessible for our various departments. Since the beginning of 2019, Peter is one of the advisors of iGaming.com.

Andreas Schwarzt, Co-Founder & Advisor.

Co-Founder & Advisor

Andreas Schwartz

Andreas is an SEO expert and has been with our company since 2014. As leader of the marketing department in Varna for four years, he worked with Peter and Lutz on our marketing and business strategies. Currently, he is supporting the company as an advisor and creative director.

Timo Fach, Head of SEO.

Head of SEO

Timo Fach

Timo has more than 10 years of experience in search engine optimization. As a Google specialist, he ensures successful rankings for our websites from our Berlin office.

Katya Vasileva, Head of Content Varna.

Head of Content Varna

Katya Vasileva

Creating content, onboarding newbies, developing new structures and building our high-level content campaigns? Those are a few things Katya does on a daily basis. She is an allrounder in the whole content niche and a sure thing when it comes to true quality.

Mark Linde, Head of Content Berlin.

Head of Content Berlin

Mark Linde

Mark joined our Berlin office as a Content Writer in 2016. Over the years he helped to build and monitor specialised content campaigns and based on this experience he is currently making sure that we stay ahead of the curve.

Chief Technical Officer

Klaas Ole Jordan

Klaas is responsible for the development of our analytics, optimisation and automation tools in order to be more efficient and to provide an advanced user experience. Next to that Klaas keeps a watchful eye over all technical tasks at iGaming.com.

Petar Petrov, Head of Front End.

Head of Front End

Petar Petrov

Petar is responsible for the technical development of iGaming.com at our headquarters in Varna. He and his team develop and manage our websites.

Boyan Mitev, Head of Design.

Head of Design

Boyan Mitev

Boyan has more than 15 years of experience in design and creation. His focus is on developing optimal website designs for the best possible user experiences.

Nir Bar-Menachem, Head of Sales new emerging markets.

Head of Sales New Emerging Markets

Nir Bar-Menachem

Nir is part of the management of our sales team in Israel. He is especially focused on new markets and defines the general sales strategy. Next to that he is taking care of casino, bingo and our finance verticals.

Yigal Markens, Head of Sales Casino.

Head of Sales Casino

Yigal Markens

Yigal is also part of the management team in Israel. He specialises in managing casino traffic and also oversees our bingo and trading niches. Yigal is always trying to optimise our long-term relationships.

Or Katzenstein, Head of Sales Sport.

Head of Sales Sports

Or Katzenstein

Or is responsible for managing all our sports traffic and focuses on all sales strategies around the sports thematic. He ensures that we stay ahead of the curve regardless of where the sport betting industry is moving.

Group Chief Operating Officer

Henry Wolf

Henry is living the agile mindset and has successfully built distributed teams in Europe. Together with the global management team he is responsible for the operational alignment of the company.

Martin Gospodinov, Chief Operating Officer Varna.

Chief Operating Officer Varna

Martin Gospodinov

Martin is known for his affinity for the Internet and technology in general, combined with his ability to analyse data and people. Martin is responsible for the operational side of the Varna office.

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