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With us, everyone can be who they are. What unites us is our love for the product and our drive to do everything to make online gambling fair and secure. Learn more about our culture below.



At we believe that a strong and diverse team is the foundation of any successful company. Honesty, transparency and trust are the building blocks upon which we align our office life. We truly believe that sharing is caring. Whether it's the sharing of knowledge or simple kindness. Our employees are motivated and goal-oriented people with a passion for their work. We are proud to work together as one team and watch them reveal their true potential with us.

Designers at work, together as a team.


We are not only committed to our work; we are truly devoted to it. And with that, comes great responsibility. While we acknowledge that mistakes are natural, we strive to take ownership of our work, because we believe that this is the way to success. Our daily mission is to create products with passion and perfection. However, we are self-aware of our weaknesses and we're constantly working to convert them into strengths.

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You have to be bold to claim the stairway to success. That is why innovation is such an important part of our work culture. We base our strategy on a “Think-Make-Test-Refine” strategy in which we aim to stay open-minded for creative ideas and different views. Naturally, trying to innovate is not always rewarding, sometimes we make mistakes, but learning from them is what improves us constantly. We surround ourselves with creative minds that have a vision and the courage to fulfil it.

An employee drawing an innovative strategy on a whiteboard.

Positive vibe

One of the first things our new co-workers usually notice is how stress-free and employee-centric our working environment is. We are running a marathon, not a sprint. No one is forced to work extra hours and tasks are normally without strict deadlines. A lot of chances are given to gain unique knowledge. Everyone who gives a lot, gets a lot in return. We pursue our goals hard, but we do this in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

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For us every single task is important, whether its cleaning the coffee machine or publishing the latest project. We are a leading brand in a fast-paced industry. We have to adapt to new challenges and requirements regularly and fast. This is only possible if everyone is flexible and able to adapt to changing tasks and is not above doing even the tiniest pieces of work.

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